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            Baihe’s Products Are Shortlisted In A Design Competition

            Recently, the first selection of 2020 Foshan “Mayor Cup” Industrial Design Competition was successfully held. After the fair, just, rigorous and serious selection of the representatives of the selection committee, 571 works were selected from 3,801 works according to the selection rules and requirements of the activity. Among them, the Safety Closed Intravenous Cannulas and the Laparoscopic Trocar of Baihe Medical, the Wound Closure Device and the Minimally Invasive Fascia Closure Device of the subsidiary United Medical Technologies (UMT), the Infusion Pump and the Couplant Heater of the subsidiary Hankang Medical were shortlisted in the competition.

            "Mayor's Cup" is sponsored by Foshan People's Government and undertaken by Foshan Bureau of Industry and Information Technology. It is a competition reflecting the innovative design ability of enterprises. Our products being shortlisted in the primary mean that the product industrial design ability of Baihe Medical and its subsidiaries is recognized.

            After 20 years of development, Baihe Medical has formed product line in the fields of infusion management consumables, blood purification consumables, nursing wound dressing consumables, etc. Relying on the technical advantages of the above fields and rich reserves of more than 60 products, it has become a comprehensive solution provider of disposable medical consumables in the above fields.

            In the future, Baihe Medical will continue to increase technology investment, strengthen core competitiveness, continuously promote industrial technology upgrading, promote the transformation and industrial application of industrial design achievements, and actively make contributions to the high-quality development of manufacturing industry in Nanhai District.


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